Global 5G Connections Hit 17.7 Million

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29 November 2019
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24 May 2020

We are pleased to report that customers are making 5G the fastest growing generation of cellular wireless technology. According to Omdia, there are now over 17.7 million global 5G connections (as of Q4 2019). This impressive number represents 329% growth over Q3 2019 and is five million subscribers ahead of previous projections.

Let’s break this impressive number down by region. By the end of 2019, North America had 587,000 5G connections and 483 million LTE connections. In Q4 2019, North America continued with robust subscription additions of 434,000 5G connections (284% Q3 to Q4) and 13 million LTE connections (2.7% Q3 to Q4) across the region. Latin America and the Caribbean ended 2019 with 1,237 5G subscriptions (314% Q3 to Q4) and 366 million LTE subscriptions (5.4% Q3 to Q4 growth), respectively.

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