How to choose the cooling system for you network?

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22 September 2020
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24 September 2020

CPI‘s RMR® Industrial Enclosures play a critical role in the protection of IT equipment which is sensitive to the environment from humidity, dust and rapid temperature changes. The reason from the sealed cabinet system Which is IP- or NEMA- certified

With the condition of the cabinet that is a closed system. Internal ventilation to manage temperature and exhaust inside the cabinet is essential for the system. The most used are Filter Fan and Cooling Unit, which are used differently.

Filter Fan with exhausts, works well in areas with less dust. And when the equipment inside the cabinet can work even higher temperature than outside.

Cooling unit with built-in air conditioners are used for areas with a lot of dust. And is an area Strict temperature control is required.

The factors that will be used in choosing a cooling system are as follows.

  • Cabinet size
  • The desired temperature inside the cabinet
  • Cabinet type, material and insulation
  • Voltage for fan or heat sink.
  • Cabinet type
  • Location of the cabinet
  • A bayed or stand-alone type.
  • Environment temperature
  • The temperature at which the device is estimated.

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