9D team up with Commscope and Ruckus organized the seminar “End to End : Commscope to Ruckus Why CAT6A and Wifi6?”

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22 September 2020
Case Study: AmerisourceBergen
15 October 2020

Nine Distribution Company Limited (9D), in conjunction with Commscope and Ruckus, organized a seminar “End to End: Commscope to Ruckus” on September 17, 2020 at the Ballroom, U Sathorn Hotel.

The main content of this seminar is the relation about CAT6A, Wi-Fi6, and Multigig-Switch. Commscope and Ruckus have also brought a product highlight to the show. In addition, 9D has brought Oberon by CPI, the Mounting Solution brand from America, to recommend everyone to watch together to complete the Solution Wire & Wireless.

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