Case Study : Dezhou People’s Hospital

Case Study : Scripps Networks Interactive
20 November 2020

Dezhou People’s Hospital is a world-class hospital in Shandong Province, China, with more than 1,300 beds, more than 2,300 active personnel and more than 900,000 outpatients annually in the facility. Nurses have an Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department, Counseling and Medical Services. Including research and education as well as other medical services to the people of Shandong Province

Technology will improve the quality and the ability to access medical services and the sharing of health information. Moreover, the trend of mobile healthcare is becoming popular in China. This makes it easy for patients to consult with doctors who use portable medical devices as part of their job.

All of the things mentioned in the previous paragraph need the high-speed, stable and secure network connections, forcing the hospital to restore the wireless communications infrastructure in place of the long-established wireless system. And there is a heavy interference problem Caused by traditional building structures

Ruckus‘ solution tackles this with two SmartZone wireless network controllers, more than 600 802.11ac ceiling-mount Access Points, and 50 more wall-mounted Access Points.

With Ruckus’ solutions, wireless networks can support hospital work. Meet the needs of patients and operators Both in terms of maintaining the privacy of the patient And making the system of operating in the hospital perfect It also provides a public internet system that satisfies patients and their families.

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