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How to choose the cooling system for you network?

Suitable cooling system Bring to the excellent performance of the system

Cat6A : Serving all real life’s purpose

Ready for every use on the network.

RJ45 Modular Jack เทคโนโลยีทันสมัย คุ้มค่า คุ้มราคาเป็นพิเศษ

Let’s take a look at the featured RJ45 Modular Jack models, hit 1375191-1 and 1375055-6.

Horizontal Cable Management: Hero or Villain?

Products from Systimax. The material is made of ABS plastic to prevent damage to the cable, not easily broken.

How are “RJ45” and “90 °” and “180 °” related?

Do you believe? RJ45 is an important factor that will affect the strength of the system.


Case Study : Dezhou People’s Hospital

Step into the world of digital medical services to the global standard with Ruckus Wi-Fi.

Case Study : Scripps Networks Interactive

Organize dense cables with CPI’s Cable Management.

Case Study : Shanghai ATP Masters 2017

Behind the scenes of the battle on the tennis court Is a struggle to send and receive large amounts of data … Ruckus is a vital weapon.

Case Study : Oak Ridge City Schools

Networking technology and education management

Case Study : Digital Gujarat Urban Wifi

Behind the Wifi system that connects the whole state.

Case Study : Park West

Connect large accommodations with Ruckus Network Solution.

Case Study: AmerisourceBergen

CPI’s RMR® Industrial Enclosures are suitable for use in all terrains.

Technology to the “new normal” state

Technology brings society back to “new normal” conditions in COVID-19.

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